Virgil: Strange by iamkathybrown13

Virgil took a piece of paper and followed the sign that said "Character Development". After a while they came to a long corridor of doors, one with each of our name on them. He picked his and walked in. 

He was in a office. There was a man on a chair with a notebook. He looked up at him and gestured towards a long, low sofa.

"Lie down."

Virgil did as he was told.

"Now..." The man took off his glasses. His eyes were a mild brown.

"What do you know about your story so far?"

"Amethyst and I are hunting down a man named Damien Hurst. He destroyed her village and I have a score to settle with him."

A few scribbles on the notepad. "Do you happen to now what that score is?"


The man nodded. "Ah, that is because you have amnesia."


"Yes. You lost your memory."

Virgil sat up quickly. "But how?"

"That is not for me to tell. But however I can help in other ways. There is a reason they chose the setting of a psychiatric office instead of some of the other character development settings they give to other characters."

"Wait, a what?"

"Hmm, I suppose they are a bit out of use in your time. But come. We have much to discuss." He stood up and Virgil noticed that the wall behind him had opened up into a field.

How strange, Virgil thought as he got up to follow the man. I wonder what the others are doing.

The End

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