Daisy, dead character

"What on earth happened?  Where an I?" Daisy had just landen in the middle of where she thought was nowhere. "Why is this scrap of paper in my hand?" While reading it, she noticed it was about her.

Name: Daisy

Power: The ability to control plants. She can also become one when she wishes.

Species: Human/flower. Daisy to be specific.

Description: Short, blonde hair, with ocean blue eyes. She is always smiling, no matter what circunstance she's in.

Story: N/A

Reason for coming to writers block: Lack of plot of storyline. Too much conflict. Dead story. Lack of character developement.

"Um.. wow. They must have done quite a bit of research. How on earth did they know about my powers? I don't share them with anybody. Only my dad/enemy camelthorn knows about them. (My grandma was obsessed with plants. Why he was named after a weed, I don't know. Oddly enough though, he can controll weeds, making him my enemy on account that weeds kill flowers.) There was a sign to my right. It directed me in two places. Creative writing and character developement. The problem was that i needed to go to both those places. Oh well, I decided to go to character developement first. After all, a person who can control plants and turns into a flower is kinda a lame character description. First, character developement, then creative writing. I had a feeling I was going to be here for a very long time.

The End

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