Writer's Block Hall

The hall, like everything else in this world, seemed to appear out of nowhere and had a blank appearance. Our little clan stopped in front of its oddly-shaped doors hestitantly.

"What do you suppose is in there?" Leliah  asked.

I shrugged and stepped forward to push one of the doors open, "There's only one way to find out."

My jaw dropped when we entered and it took all I had to keep from staring. The floor we were on appeared to be some sort of lobby with peoples and creatures from every dimension of every world.

There were demons, princesses, adventurers, things with extra limbs, businessmen, atheletes, more vampires than I cared count, people with neon complexions, spies, hooded beings, bounty hunters, monsters, archeologists, those that looked from the pages of history, and even almost-invisible, formless beings that seemed to be nothing but personalities.

"Welcome to Writer's Block!" a man with more hair under his nose than on his head greeted, "You must be newcomers! Let me see your admission tickets."

"Our what?" Olivia asked.

He forced a smile and I could tell he must've answered this question almost daily, "The little paper that came in your hands."

"Oh,"  Amethyst was first to pull hers out. Everyone quickly followed suit.

"Good, good," he muttered, pulling out a spectacle from his vest pocket and looking over them.

I turned to watch a wizard dully transform his snoring twin into a cow and back, stiffling a chuckle.

"You four!" I was immediatly brought back to attention only to see he was pointing at everyone but Courtney and I, "Here's some maps to the Character Development Department each in your world's form. This place shifts around a lot so I wouldn't always trust the signs. Don't worry, the maps shift with everything else."

"As for you," he pulled out rolled up peice of parchment and handed it to me, "Lack of Storyline. And you," he turned to Courtney and handed her a type of navigation device of her own, "the Story Complete building. There are rules to each department which you will learn once you get there. Otherwise, you may meet charcters from other worlds either outside of the buildings or here in the lobby. Good luck!"

"With what?" I muttered as he sauntered off. I was trying to get out of here, not find a residence.

The End

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