Courtney: Writer's Block Hall

We all stood in the clearing, each looking as confused as the next until Amethyst piped up. "I guess we go to Character Development, I think its that way" she said pointing her finger towards some buildings which I was sure hadn't been there before.

"And what about that thing?" I asked nervously glancing over at the crumpled pile of black wings several yards away. "I think its dead" the man known as Virgil said but he sounded unsure, so I just nodded back at him and fell silent.

"Come on then everyone, we'd better stick together from now on I think this place is dangerous." she started to lead the group down a path that looked to lead towards the big buildings in the distance.

"Well of course its bloody dangerous here" Olivia cut in a sarcastic and slightly annoyed tone laced her voice. "If you have forgotten, we" she pointed and herself and me "... nearly got killed by a screeching black thing!" she drew breath and carried on "And, this place is called writers block so it cant be dull here as this place is meant to give authors ideas!"

Amethyst looked as though she wanted to punch Olivia but restained herself, instead she gestured at the rest of the group for follow her towards the buildings.

"Wait" I said making everyone stop and look at me, "not all of us have 'character development' as our reason for being here, for instance I am here because my story is complete, so are you sure that that" I pointed at the buldings " where we need to go?" I asked gesturing at the tall white building.

"You do seem to have a point Courtney" Amethyst said her face now deep in thought. "I think" she started slowly "that those buildings are where we are meant to go and I think there is a room in the building for each reason." I nodded understanding her logic.

Just then Leilah spotted something at the top of the path we were on and she ran on ahead to read it, when she returned looking slightly out of breath she breathed "it says, Writer's Block Hall this way and an arrow pointing to the right."

Amethyst clapped her hands together "come on then lets go" and she started to lead the group of people down the path and towards the hall, that we were meant to go to.

I took a fleeting look behind me at the crumpled mount of black feathers and wings and swear that I saw it move ... It wasn't dead.

The End

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