Amethyst: Danger

Amethyst heard a cry ring out. Leilah landed beside her.

"Did you hear that?" Amethyst nodded and took out her throwing knives. They raced to the spot, where two girls were trying to run from... Well, Amethyst didn't know what it was. It had black wings and it was screeching loudly. Leilah rose into the air and gave the thing a spinning kick. It fell to the ground and came after Amethyst. She threw a dagger, using her telekinesis to make it go farther. It struck the thing, but it keep coming and knocked her to the ground. Her knives were flung from her and she twisted around, hoping she could draw them to her before it was too late...

The thing let out another screech and flew a few yards before collapsing. Amethyst got up and noticed that Virgil was examining his blade. The dark liquid that had coated was disappearing before her eyes, dissipating into the air. He pulled her to his feet.

Amethyst looked up at him. "Thanks."

"It's okay."

Leilah landed beside them. "Who are you and how did you get here so fast?"

Virgil looked confused. "I ran?"

"You don't sound so sure."

"I'm not." He rubbed his forehead. It appeared that he had a headache.

Amethyst looked toward the monster. It had disappeared, just like the blood had.

The two girls and Maxwell came out and joined them. After all the introductions had been taken care of Courtney turned to Amethyst .

"So what now?"

Amethyst looked at her paper. "I guess we go to Character Development."

"Is that a place?"

Amethyst peered through the trees. "Why not? In fact, I think I can see it from here." They all turned toward the buildings she had seen in the distance, buildings that had not been there before. Maxwell shook his head.

"This place keeps getting weirder and weirder."

The End

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