Alistair P. Fletcher

Name: Alistair P. Fletcher

Power: none.

I growled. They'd see soon enough.

Species: Human

Description: Large stature, thick features. Long, black, greasy ponytail. Dark-brown eyes. An almost-permanent scowl.

Reason for coming to Writer's Block: Lack of storyline

Story: The Heart of a Hero

I looked around at the blank world around me again and roared. I had been within inches of finally extinguishing that impudent whelp and retaining the high status I deserved when...

Sorcerers. It had to be. Nothing else could explain my perdicament. How had they done it?

On second thought, how had he done it? They had always struck me as selfish, somber folk. Five minutes with that lad would've driven them through the roof. No, it had to be something else. But whatever that something was, I was sure it was illegal--and the perfect bait to lure his highness into finally seeing things my way.

Yes, that was it. As soon as I escaped this 'Writer's Block' I'd bring the case before the king. It would be the perfect intro to all the other warnings I had been trying to give him about the lad's more shady past. And then we'd see just how honorable the notorious Mr. Maxwell was...

The End

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