Olivia: Where am I?

'Urgh,' I groaned, clutching my head with both hands. It was throbbing painfully, my vision was blurred and everything seemed a jumbled mess. The last thing I remembered was talking to Garrett and then everything had gone dark. Now I'm here.

I clenched my eyes shut, took a deep breath and reopened them. My vision cleared.

Something white fluttered down out of the corner of my eye. I caught it automatically.

Printed in black letters I read:

Name: Olivia Summers

Power: None

Species: Human

Description: Long black hair, falls just past shoulders in natural waves, dark blue eyes, pale complexion, 5 foot 6, slender.

Reason for coming to Writers' Block: Need to develop character

'What. The...' 

'HELLO!?' I jerked my head around at the voice.

No one was there. It was just a vast stretch of dry land, I was the only one for miles. I had definitely heard something though...

'Hello!' The voice came again, but this time it was right behind me. I turned round and nearly had a heart attack. A girl was standing inches away from me with her head tilted to the side.

She was very pretty, with long blonde hair that complimented her blue/green eyes perfectly, which were now looking at me with mild inquisition.

'Um, hello.' I took an automatic step back.

'Where are we?' she murmured, looking around.

'Who are you?' I decided to answer her question with another question.

'The name is Courtney,' she stuck out her hand. I stared at it until it returned back to her side.

'I'm not gonna hurt you,' she laughed. 'Sorry if I seem a little strange, you're the only human I've seen for miles and I'm glad I'm not alone.'

Realizing she was just like me, if a little over-confident, I gave her a small smile.

'I'm Olivia.' 

'It's nice to meet you Olivia!'

'Yeah. Um, where are we?'

'I have absolutely no idea, we appear to be in some strange world...' 

I rolled my eyes at her obviousness. She ignored it with an easy smile. 

Something caught my eye. A small brown sign with big bold letters. I started my way over to it but Courtney grabbed my arm.

'What do you think you're doing?' I automatically recoiled, as though she had slapped me.

'Sorry,' she held up both her hands in an I-mean-no-harm way. 'We just don't know what's over there.'

'Relax, it's just a sign.'

'Oh,' she laughed. 'I saw that earlier. It tells us we are in some place called "writer's block" or something.'

'Writers block?' I frowned. 'Isn't that what authors get? That can't be a place...'

'Population 5,' she carried on reciting as though I hadn't spoken. 'Well, 6 now I suppose. Now that you've joined.'

'Six? Does that mean there are other people here?'


Just as I was about to suggest finding them, something screeched overhead. 

The End

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