Courtney: Strange New Place

I hit the ground with a nasty thud, and roll over trying to get my barings, it was obvious that I was no longer in the meadow in the Kingdom of Razenvald - I was somewhere new.

A piece of paper flutters down from the sky and lands on my face, I grab it and read the information that had been scrawled on it.


Name: Courtney Diegan

Power: None

Species: Human

Description: Very pretty, with long blonde hair, quite tall with bluey green eyes.

Story: A Modern Day Fairytale

Reason for coming to Writers' Block: Story Complete


I clasped the piece of paper tightly in my hand, and looked around as if hoping to spot Nathanial or even better Aislinn somewhere nearby but I saw no-one in this strange place.

Out of the corner of my eye, i spotted a little wooden sign which said on it

Writers block.

underneith this numbers rolled until it said Pop. 5

"So there are other people here then" i said aloud.


The End

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