Maxwell (Surname was to be determined later)

"Oof!" I hit the ground and rolled for a few feet before finally coming to a stop on my back. I tilted my head curiously up at the blank sky. Where was I? If I remember correctly, I had just been at the not-so-friendly end of my enemy's weapon when...

I sat up to try and held a hand to my head, trying to clear it. It was then that I noticed my fingers were clenched around something. I slowly opened them to find a crumpled paper.

Name: Maxwell (surname was to be determined later)

Powers: An unquenchable sense of optimism.

I smiled.

Species: Human

Description: Bright, green eyes. Wavy, dirty-blonde hair; jaw-length. Average height, lanky.

Story: The Heart of a Hero

Reason for coming to writer's block: lack of storyline

Wow. Someone must've really done their research. I folded the paper back up and stuck it in the pocket of my green, gold-trimmed robe--the one I had received when becoming the king's youngest advisor. At nineteen, I honestly didn't think I knew that much--especially when everyone else was in their thirties.

But not amount of prodigy was going to help me here. I got to my booted feet and looked around.

 Nothing. No one. No problem. I'd been in worse.

I finally figured that if I walked in one direction for long enough I was bound to find something. It was only a matter of logic. But whether that something was good or bad was just a bridge I'd have to cross when I got to it.

I had only walked a few meters when I caught something out of the side of my eye. I turned my head to saw what I thought was a massive pair of wings, as well as the tiny figure running underneath.

Change of plans. Breaking into a full sprint, I began to race towards the two strangers,  hoping that I hadn't escaped one enemy only to throw myself into the grasp of another.

The End

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