Leilah Angell Black

Okay, so I get pulled out of my story with no warning and put in this place, to fall to the ground. I extented my wings and flew to the ground.I landed in the middle of a field with nothing around me but grass, and a forest surrounding that. I'm suddenly aware of the peice of paper in my hand. I looked at it:

Name: Leilah Angell Black

Power: Can fly

Speices: Dark/Night/Black Angel

Description: Long black hair, fringe, red eyes, black feathery wings.

Story: Beyond the Gate

Reason for coming to Writers' Block: Character development.

Huh? Writers' Block? Odd name. I look up and glance around, noticing two signs that definitely were not there before. One said: "<-- Character Development" and the other said "Creative Writing -->". Well, I guess I was following the character development thingy.

I took off and flew for about 3 minutes when I heard a voice.

"Hello! Who are you?" A bright voice belonging to a blonde-haired girl said.

"What's it to you?" I replied. She looked taken-back.

"Oh, nothing. I just wondered which story you were from?"

I stuck out my arm and gave her the peice of paper.

"No...no, we're not from the same story." She examined it closely,"but you are going to character development like me! Want to come with me?"

"Uugghh....I guess. But I fly a lot faster than you walking." I said, thinking I'd caught her out. But no.

"That's okay - I'm quite a fast runner!" She said. I sighed, there was no getting out of this one. So we set off into the thick forest.

The End

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