On With The Show! (In honour of my Amateur Theatrical Society)Mature

Our story starts behind the stage,

In a room as small as a cage.

Every girl is crammed into that room,

Which i s particularly embarrassing for those who have not yet...well...bloomed.

There are only 3 boys performing this year,

The theatrical interests of local boys is quite clear.

And girls aren't even allowed to say 'Hey!'

It's like being in an all girl's school all day!

At the beginning of the evening I pick my space,

Where I put my costumes, sparkly with lace!

But what happens the moment my back is turned?

My space has been taken and stolen and damn well usurped!

Then somebody passes around Doritos,

It lands all over my skirts and on my clothes.

"Chorus, oh Chorus!" The script lady calls,

And we all rush to the stage, crash into the walls!

"Where is my dress?" Where is my hair clip?"

"Where are my crisps?" "Don't run or you'll slip!"

"Martha you're supposed to be on right now!"

"What now?" Oh these script ladies make me frown.

By the end of the evening, we're all run ragged,

Someone's lost their favourite, best jacket.

But I hope the audience enjoyed the show,

While we're all feeling exhausted and low.

They think they went to see a pantomime!

They should watch what goes on backstage some time.

The End

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