Writer's Block

I have writer's block right now but want to uphold my promise of posting at least once a week. Oh, what should I do? I know! Make and exercise where I (and others) others choose an object around the room and personify the crap out of it like a children's book! :Dt

The Song

6:28 A.M. It was getting unnervingly close. He had a job to do and he was going to do it right. The valley was about to hear his siren's song ring out across the land. 6:29. The rolling hills of the god's unneeded armor could be seen even off in the distant lands only ever told of in stories. Just now he thought he could see the god laying in wait for his song to begin.

6:30. That is when it all happened. He began to sing and his voice could be heard even over the hills. Just then the giant god arose from it's pedestal as soft as clouds. It began yelling words of a tongue unknown to the brave soul now singing his song. It stood and scraped the sky.

He sang and sang attempting to appeal to the colossal being. Just then he thought he was to be rewarded by the god now striding across the valley towards him. He felt himself lifted from the cliff where fate had positioned him and he was thrown by the god's massive hand across the valley. In just a matter of seconds, he had angered his god and been punished by being expelled to the farthest reaches of the valley. He landed in an area of the world he had never witnessed, hidden just behind a massive cliff that housed the chamber of a thousand god's voices.

He hit the barrier that was the end of the valley and was so engrossed with pain that his song came to an abrupt end. Off in the distance, he could hear the voice of the god booming out over the hills of armor. Words he did not understand but would never forget. "I'm going back to bed".

The End

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