The empty streets yawn before me as the sun slowly rises above the still sleeping buildings. The familiar glee is filling my body as I hear the preparations for reaper day being made somewhere behind me. To those around me, those still fast asleep, they are dreading this day. Me however, I love this day. I cause as much mayhem as I can. The peacekeepers are to busy at the readings. Perfect.

A smile spreads across my face as I spot a peacekeeper wandering down a side street. I turn down and take the burnt bread from last night. I take aim and throw it, hard.

A cackle of delight creeps out of my throat as the bread soars threw the air and lands with a hard thwack on the guys head. I watch as the momentum of his step brings him pummelling to the ground, his nose making hard and fast contact with the stony gravel.

After a few minutes of wheezing out laughs and gasping for air, the guy gets up and, with  his face matching the redness of his hair, he catches sight of me.

"Tamzin Sherwood!" the guy roars, taking a few staggering steps towards me, "When I get a hold of you..." He begins to run, unsteadily my direction. My laughs stop as I decide to take flight. With a cheery wave to the drunken guy, I turn tails and run.

I arrive home, open the door, get in, shut it behind me and stand, looking at the insides, my happy mood slowly dissipating back out threw the door.

In the cot directly opposite from the door, my six months old half sister, Amber,  is starting to awake

"Hey, Amber," I say walking towards her, " You going to get up now?" Another smile makes its way onto my face, this time a proper happy sibling smile.

"Za" She mumbles as she wakes up, sitting in her cot, looking up at me with her wide green eyes.

"Want any yum yums?" I ask, looking at her, ignoring the familiar ache her green eyes bring to me.

With a disgruntled expression, she reaches around and picks up a small, wooden horse a neighbour had made her. After giving it a full examination, she releases her grip and watches it fall onto the mattress where it bounces a few times before coming to a stop just left to her right foot. With a big, happy grin identical to her mothers, she picks it up and repeats the process with a gurgle of laughter.

Knock knock

My own laugh comes forth as I make my way towards the door.Having opened it, a familiar red headed, blue dressed peacekeeper waring an equally familiar scowl, looks down at me.

Oops, I think.

"Yes? Can I help you?" I ask with an innocent smile on my face.

"You are under arrest-" He begins

"For? What proof have you? I have been home with my sister all morning. Since you guys sent my mother off to the games and my dad and step mum into an explosion. All she has left is me. So you going to take me away? Leave someone else with an extra mouth to feed?" I ask him, my voice turning venomous as images of my father and soon to be step mothers faces swim over my view of his angry face.

"You are-" He tries, again to no avail.

"How many times have you people attempted to arrest me?" I ask him, grinning at his shocked look. "About 20 times I'd say. How many times have you succeeded? Zilch. So go bother someone else. No one tells me what to do."

With that, I reach for the door handle and slam it in his face.

I groan as my body slides down the door. Images of my mum playing in my head. She was sixteen when she had me. Two years later she was took into the games. At two years old, I was forced to watch my mother be drawn and quartered on live tv all for the entertainment of those capitalism people.

My earliest memory, and the only one I hold of my mother -her death.My father, full of grief, had remarried in an attempt to bring normality to my life. I suppose it worked. She had Amber. Two weeks later, her and my dad were in an explosion when a cooker exploded.

A stinging sensation found its way to my eyes and, before I could figure out what it meant, I felt a tear slide down my left cheek. Then another down my right. In seconds, my face was soaked with tears. My sister, sitting in her crib, started to cry. 

I quickly tell myself off. I can not cry. I am strong. I don't get upset. I get angry. The flow of tears stop immediately and I run over to my sister, picking her up and mumbling in her ear to calm her.

* * *

Giving my sister to one of our neighbors, I head into town, not towards the town square where everyone else is going, but to the peacekeepers homes at the outskirts of town.

Last year I had raided the town mayors house so I know what few peacekeepers aren't at the reaping, will be there. Leaving their houses free and open.I reach the square where their large houses are stationed.

Not a sole.

I head to the first house on my right and step in, they never lock their doors. Not thinking any one would be stupid enough to do this.

I find myself in a living room. A tv is switched on. Playing back the tributes from the other districts.

Before I know what happened, I find my fist bleeding with bits of glass sticking in it.

What...? I think, speechless until I see the hole in the tv. A grin makes a slow appearance on my face.

I run upstairs, looking for something of value but find nothing. Disappointed, I decide to go back to the square to see who is being picked.

Standing in an upstairs building next to the square, I see the stupid little Capitol woman is just finishing off her usual speech. I get an image in my head, imagining me with one of the peacekeepers guns and shooting her. I give the messy bedroom a quick glance but find nothing. And anyway, all it would do is knock her unconscious. Those stupid guns only have those things that make you drowsy and fall asleep (coming from a lot of experience)

She goes over to the girl bowl as I turn to leave the room. I recognise the girls name that is called and turn back to the window. My suspicions confirmed, I run down the stairs, around to the front of the building to see her fiancee screaming at the peacekeepers. Another girl shouts out that she her hand up and volunteers.

A sigh of relief comes out of me. I didn't want Demeter getting picked. The only girl I have feelings for, even if she is engaged to another. I vagouly recognise the girl, a mean, cold, heartless girl who is only friends to Demeter. She walks past her, saying something which receives a grin from the two of them.

I feel my anger build up, higher and higher, making my blood pound in my body. Fists clenched, I run down the centre of the kids, grabbing the nearest, unsuspecting peackeeper by the throat. He quickly pushes me off as another two grab both my arms, holding them out to the side.  I feel them trying to pick me up my muscles tense, refusing them to do that.

Then I freeze.

"Tamzin Sherwood" The Capitol woman says.

I buck, hard, the two peacekeepers release me in shock as I fling them off.

I had been picked. They must of rigged the bowl to make sure I got picked.

They hate me.

All of the Capitol. I am going to die.

All other thoughts put aside, I see red all around me, in my rage, I find my self up on the stage, a fist raised to the woman who is staring at me in shock and fear.

"Grab him!" The shout comes from several directions. I ignore the woman and turn. A flung fist knocks the nearest peacekeeper down the steps. He knocks another three down with him.

Too late, I see the sleep arrow making its way into my bare arm.The familiar fuzziness quickly over rides my system as I collapse to the ground. The last thing I see before it takes over me, is my sister reaching her arms out to me, her green eyes tearing up.

What in earth did I just do?

I condemned her to death!

My little sister!

The End

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