William Van Krakken

Word count: 494

Stage in games: the Reaping

District: 1


“Now William are you ready to accept your fate? Are you ready to take on 23 children and come out on top? The others are seeing this as a day of sacrifice but you must see it as a chance at the goal that you have been trained for.” Helga said. “I am ready mother.” I said. “This will be the day that we reclaim out rightful place as head of the Van Krakken family.” I finished. The Van Krakken family was a powerful family that held much respect. However a little girl by the name of Maria killed the head of the family and ran off with an heirloom that proclaimed oneself the head of the family. And with the head of the family gone the Van kraken fell into despair, the lowest part of deprivation. To the point where a once famed and proud family had to work in fields. The Van Krakken family had dispersed to the sectors and made hard work just to live. It was all because of one girl we must take the family crest from her and there was only one way to draw her in, With something that everyone sees, with something everyone watches in anticipation, with the hunger games, the one place that I could kill This woman in front of everyone and disgrace her to the world. The hunger games was our families one last chance to pull ourselves from deprivation and assume ourselves as the once powerful family we once were.

My mother had ben plotting this whole plan to kill this girl called Maria ever since the murder. It kept her awake for days. It drove her insane. In fact she trained me for this since the day that I turned four. She told me that it was my destiny to kill Maria. Ever since then I have honed my body into the killing machine that mother would be proud of. “Yes mother I am ready to accept my fate be it death, be it life, no matter what I shall be content so long as I kill Maria Van Krakken.” I say louder.

Mother takes me out to the reaping for the choosing. I look at every one in the crowd. There eyes hold fear. They are like cattle. Not knowing the greatness they could serve and instead fearing a chance for glory. The woman stood tall in front of the podium she drew a card and said the female contestants name. “Serena colter!” I watched as a scared girl of 14 walked up and shook the hand of the woman who had just named her out. “And now for the boy contestant.”

“That will not be necessary.” I say. Mother beamed at me as I stepped out of line and readjusted my hat and tuxedo. “The woman was struck with surprise. I walked up to the podium and stated my name.

“I am William Van Krakkan and I request that I be the cordially included as the first sector male participant.”

 The woman smiles and leans in to speak into the microphone. We have our male contestant. I look at the crowd as faces all over show relief. I smile to my self. “Mother will finally become proud of me for the first time. I have to win. I must win. For mother. And to return glory to the Van Krakken family” I think to myself. 

The End

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