The open road is infinitely hopefulMature

I guess I wrote the pages of misery for reactions.
That sounds nasty, try again.

I wrote them to make a connection.
Mi gemela, mi hermana

I feel, cliched as it is, that we are
Connected in some way
Is that what it is to be someone's twin?

I love school.
The work is fine,
The teachers are great,
There are some people I can connect to.

The only difference now is
The connection to mi gemela has long moved on,
But seemingly,
Not gone.

By the gods,
May my love reach you,
My far away sister

Mi gemela es lejos

I would seek an audience,
With enthusiasm and will,
If only these studies would cease for that one day
When we meet again.

It's sad I know,
My sad self will agree,
But I'm beyond school now,
And I am seeing, distress,
A mess, messed up minds
All missing the parts that made up what has become


I love you.
I've never forgotten you.
No matter where I hid my face,
Hid any kindness in my heart,
You never left me or my mind.

You always comforted me,
On a cloud of my own design,
You stroked my hair,
Tried to help me to


It sounds bad, but,
I'm glad you feel this way,
Because it means neither of us are

Or maybe, it means we are all those things,
But that doesn't matter.
As long as we all feel these darkening things,
We can comfort each other the best we can.

I have fresh determination in my heart,
To leave this tiny little town
And travel, so far, to the place,
I know I'll find you there,

Would you like that? I know I would.

The End

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