The WaddyMature

I just remembered
Once again
How we were introduced

Seen you, many times
On the bus, in the rain
Through the pain
And solitude

Crowded, together
And yet we sat together
Waited for it to start

Why were we there?
How did I end up here?

How did I find you
In the most obvious place
The music sounded
How did you find me

It doesn't matter now
It was like fate
It was a part of what I could never have

So many possible reasons
For how it came to be
That I finally found my pack
My pack finally found me

Twas you, Waddy boy
Who saw me first
Whom I saw every day
At that lonely place

We were the most alike
In character, in sound
I wish I could hold you now

You're gone
Just as others have gone

It makes me sick Waddy
Remembering all those times
We formed our circle
Our voices, hear our cry

I was so selfish back then
So out of touch
That I don't feel I ever really appreciated
The togetherness that we felt

It's gone now
Just look at the dust on our table
It's gone now
Rows and rows of empty chairs

It makes me sad Waddy
That you were one to go
I feel like I can't go on
Without feeling this empty, so full of regret

For what we had
You will carry on with you
Make a new start
Find a new heart
But what we had

I'll never have again.

The End

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