My lonely loveMature

Here I am, here again
Moaning 'bout the lack of friend
Who wanders far and I can't see
Through clouds of hatred, bubbling, green,

Can't stand to see a smile
Laughing for a little while
I'm sitting down in front of people
Who don't howl with me,

Here I am, whining, me
All this time I couldn't see
My lonely Love
Who's watching out for me above,

He's there when I get lonely
He's always there for me
I feel as if the sky is falling
And picking me up, he says,

"My Tito, I wanna help you
Are you ok?
I'm not good with these sorts of things
But I love you."

And still I searched
Through wind and rain, fighting
For my right as a Human being
To howl with mine, mine, mine,

Yet time showed, speech told
Of a wanderer such as I
Who carried in the downpour
My lifeless, bleeding form

And I didn't even know it

He didn't even know til now
That all that I had said
All that I had cried for
Was in his angel eyes,

His eyes, they never wept
His eyes, they always loved
His eyes, they never saw the truth
That we were closer than we knew,

Closer, in our solitude
Closer, in our despair
Closer when our heads began to fill with powdered, feathered dust

My love and I aren't lonely
Unless we're kept apart.


I thought I saw him start to leave
I almost said goodbye
But when he said "Can I cuddle you?"
All I could do was smile and cry.


The End

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