Thunder and rainMature

I have a sickness
Of self pity and fear
Fear of being the only blade of grass
In a field of flowers
And tall tall trees,

I feel so ill
Inside, so green and blue
Filled inside with water
Drip drip drop
Down my stem

She was here
I didn't appreciate her
When she decided
That she wouldn't be seen
She's not here anymore,

Self pity is not a good look
But neither is violence or tears
Thunder and rain
To beat and wash away
To make whole again

It's always raining
But it's not enough
The thunder needs to shake it
Dislodge everything
That stands in the way,

Like an earthquake
I wait for it to rip the world apart
And all it does is rain
Drip drip drop,

No one can stop it
No one knows how
No one will listen, can listen, should listen
To the rolling thunder
Hear my cry!

But I'm not strong
Like they are
I don't hide away myself
Behind the plaster and the paint
The voice of such glass,

With their groups of clouds
None of them raining
Not like mine
Black black grey black
Smallest of the small
But depressing of them all,

I'm not worthy
To say the words
To even be heard
To have someone to look out for
Who looks out for me
In the one place I'd rather not be,

Don't you see
The place I'd rather be
Is somewhere not so far
But no matter where you are
It's always too far,

Except when
The thunder clouds roll in.

The End

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