I missMature

I miss

Everyone I ever knew and wish I still did.
Everyone I grew to love and yet we had to part.
Everyone who saw past me and saw my heart.
Everyone who looked through the window

And saw a single rose bud
Barely into bloom
Waving from the outside
To the inside of your room

And you smiled
Stopped and stared for a while
Thought about stepping out
Curious to check it out

But looking out, the rain
Covered your glasses or your eyes
So in order to restore sight
You should leave the rose behind

But this time you defy the cold
Put things, for a second, on hold
Stepped out, felt the earth
And saw the reason why.

"It will drown in all this rain"
Eyes creased as if in pain
Kneeling down, you dig it up
And hold it in your hands

Newly planted, out of the storm
To your light and pleasant warm
The rose bud flowers
Tries to repay with all it has

One day, you left the room
In your browns, yellows, gold and blue
Said to the rose, "I'll be back soon"
Replied the rose, "I hope so too"

The End

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