Deep Down

My life was at rock bottom. I was thought of as emo, crazy, depressed (which I was) and just plain weird. Then, while being my loner self, I met him and he turned my personality and life around. Although he threw me back down on the hard rock down there, experience helped me climb the walls to the top again. This time, I saw his heart and the hearts of those close to him and it made me fall once more.

Now I know that, if I must stop myself from falling again, I must make sure they never even reach the edge.

If you're ever down, tell me how to pull you up; if you're lost, tell me where you are so I can find you; if your world has turned you upside down, tell me which direction you fell and I'll turn gravity the right way. Those of you that I love, I'll always be here to keep your feet on the ground.

<3 What, too long? Too corny? (yeah corny)

The End

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