Problems Fit Into My Life.

(Third chapter lucky)

I just wanted to ask you, why, oh why, did you have to make things so complicated because even though I know you will never see this, you have just broken into my life and become the person who I've been searching for by becoming her but not her as it's different somehow; it's different that I am in love with the strange little things you do (okay not in love), I love how I've nearly just met you and you wanted to be close to me and you wanted to fall asleep with my hand in your grasp and you wanted to be hugging me, falling asleep on me, the way you traced your fingers across my hand and knee and the chair and everything because of your OCD,  I love that voice and I love the problems - just like I loved her so why, my dear, why did you have to slip into my life so suddenly and make things so complicated?

The End

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