Chapter One

It was the day of school after Thanksgiving break. I woke up at quarter after seven as usual, and ran through the daily routine of getting ready for school. I threw a lunch together, gathered all my books and vacation assignments, ate breakfast and ran out to meet the bus. The weather channel had forecasted the first frost for this morning, but there was no white in sight. In fact, it was almost pleasantly warm out. Not that that was a surprise, warm days often continued until a week or so into December.

After stuffing my bag into my locker, the first thing I did was set out to find my friends. It didn’t take long, they were in our usual spot at the back table of the cafeteria.

“Sam! Where ya been? You’re usually the first one here?”

“Don’t tell me you guys went to bed early last night or something. I’m still recovering from the long weekend.”

The others, Tyler, Dana, Abby, and Brandon, gave me some raised eyebrows and shared a few glances between them.

“Long weekend?” asked Brandon. “Seemed just as short as any other weekend we have here. You didn’t do drugs by any chance did you?”

I narrowed my eyebrows and searched their faces. They were being completely serious.

“You guys did just come back from thanks-“

The five minute warning bell rang, cutting my question off.

I hadn’t taken any of my stuff out for my first class, so I took off as soon as I heard the chime. After I had stopped at my locker, I made my way past the library to Global History. I also passed the Nurse’s office along the way and through the open door I saw Brandon talking to Mrs. Hardy, the nurse. I caught his eye as I walked past and as soon as he saw me, he quickly avoided my glance.


I made it all the way down to class before I remembered that Brandon was in my first period class. He was probably going to be late.

The bell rang once more to signal the beginning of class and Mr. Duvernoy took his cue.

“Alright class. I hope you all had good weekends. Anything anybody want to share?”

I raised my hand, and Mr. Duvernoy nodded at me.

“I saw someone eat five pounds of turkey.”

The teacher quirked an eyebrow,

“Five pounds? Why would anyone be eating five pounds of turkey over a weekend?”

“Overeating on a holiday is an American tradition isn’t it?”

Mr. Duvernoy cocked his head, “And what spring holidays call for overconsumption of turkey Mr. Dalkins?”



Wait… spring?

I let my eyes wander around the room to my peer’s faces. Some were amused, others were confused, others were asleep, but all of them conveyed similar meanings.

They had no idea what I was talking about.

The teacher was about to scold me when he saw the genuinely confused look on my face.

“Mr. Dalkins are you feeling all right?” asked the teacher.

I nodded dumbly.

“Perhaps we should call the-“

The door opened and a familiar voice cut Mr. Duvernoy off.

“Sir, I brought the nurse!”

Mr. Duvernoy nodded, and in a knowing tone asked, “Is it the uh…”

Brandon nodded, then turned to me.

“Sam you need come with me and the nurse here.”

Whatever was going on had me freaked out,

“Guys this isn’t funny, what-“

The nurse stepped around Brandon and with his help, they pulled me from my chair.

“Sam stop struggling, it’ll all be clear in a moment.”

The End

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