Wings Unfolding

Lily dashed through the narrow streets, silently praying that Mak found her before Amber-Mae and Ky did. She wished that she could use her wings here, but it was forbidden. She didn't even know why she had wings, and why it wasn't normal. It wasn't fair. Two weeks after leaving with Mak, and it had all fallen apart.

She made another turn, and grunted in frustration as she saw that it was a dead end.
And, if those light footsteps were Amber-Mae's, Lily knew that she would be in for a world of pain later on. She looked around, desperate to find an exit, but she was trapped.  No more running. Lily would have screamed if she could, but she didn't want to give away her position.
"I found you!" the once-soothing voice of Amber-Mae exclaimed.

Lily whirled to face her and gasped. Rather then the usual long, white coat, plain shirt and denim jeans, Amber was wearing clothes similar to the ones in window displays that Lily had noted while exploring the city. Revealing clothes, too thin for the pre-spring air, which gave Lily a shiver of disappointment for her former friend and caregiver. Amber-Mae was no common "fashionista," as Mak had termed girls who felt that they needed to impress people with how they looked.

Amber-Mae was better than those girls who wasted money.
"You know that I can't go back, Amber." Lily backed up, feeling herself hit the wall. She had only one chance, rule or no rule.
"Why did your precious Mak finally lose it? Was he tired of sharing you?" Amber-Mae laughed bitterly. "No one is good enough for Mak. Eventually, he'll just throw you away. Or better yet, bring you back to Ky and me for more study. It's not everyday something like you falls right into our laps, you know! You're wasting our research!"
Lily sighed. This rubbish again! "Research? Amber, you're-"
"Confused?" Amber-Mae gave her a condescending look. "Is that what Mak told you when you asked him if it was true? Did he tell you that you weren't our first priority as a prized specimen? Did he hold you tight while he told you that something like that would never happen to someone as wonderful as you? Did he not also say that having wings that appear and disappear at your command makes you special rather than a freak? That not knowing why was natural and didn't make you a half-awake dolt?"
Lily braced herself, unshading her wings. "I don't know what you're talking about, Amber-Mae, but I do know this: I trusted you, but now I trust Mak much more then that. Be prepared for the day I find my answers, because they won't be from you."
Amber's eyes widened. "Don't even think about it, Lily. People will see you!"
Lily smiled at her, wishing that things were different. "Right now, that's the last thing on my mind." she replied, shooting upwards and flying back through the alleys in search of answers.

The End

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