WPC12 - Entry 8

The train came out of the long tunnel into the Snow Country. It was a vast land of white and evergreen trees. Daren looked out the window doing his best to ignore the obnoxious snoring coming from the fellow occupant. Daren didn't know her real name though they had been travelling together for the last 14 months, he simply knew her as Shadow. This didn't bother him much as he did his best to keep himself detached from people of her nature. He pulled his gaze away from the window and took note of the time.  

“  Two 'o' clock already?” He muttered. He looked anxiously outside the cabin as if waiting for something to happen. Nothing did increasing his anxiousness. He turned back to the window doing his best to conceal the surprise and fear written on his face. His green eyes surveyed snow country once again admiring the evergreen trees for living in such a harsh environment.  

It had been a very long time since he had last been to this place. His lips formed a slight smile as he remembered the mischief he had caused during that visit. A few moments passed and the evergreens started to lose their appeal. As a greater and far more commanding view of a large mountain with blue rocks cresting through it's glacier caught his attention. Daren felt quite humbled as he thought how small and insignificant he was compared to the mountain. He was barely a blip in geological terms  and certainly would never possess such a presence. There was something truly powerful about these mountains he thought. The lights on the train began to flicker. Suddenly the sounds of the train's rhythmic chugging ceased and was replaced by horrid screeching of the train's attempts to stop. 

“Looks like things have finally warmed up.” He said in a dark tone grabbing Shadow's shoulder.  Shadow rolled around  now facing the seat, “Wake up!” He yelled grabbing her brown overcoat and yanking her to her feet. She screamed and reflexively attacked Daren who managed to fend off a flurry of slaps, and fists quite exceptionally.  

“Sorry.” She muttered annoyed,” What do you want?”  

“Train's stopped. things are warming up. You know what I mean!”  

“Yeah, I'm already picking up their disgusting scent from here.” She said calmly  

“I think it would be prudent of you if you didn't say such things in a place like this. Especially....” Daren wasn't able to finish as the train rattled from a small explosion screaming emanating from neighbouring cabins.  

“Lets go before the blood starts spilling!” She said flinging the door open.  Daren followed along a horrible feeling overcoming him. He drew near the source of the explosion. Smoke hung in the air as the stench of rotting got stronger. He walked towards a burned up destroyed cabin.  Shadow rushed by the opening taking the left side of the cabin and Daren took the right. Gulping down any doubts about what he was doing he turned around the corner coming face to face with a creature shrouding itself in a red cloak. The ground underneath its feet seeming to decay. The metal beneath the floor was turning to rust. With slight hesitation he lifted his pistol and fired off a couple rounds before he was thrown back against the ugly yellow varnish of the car.   

“Damn!” he yelled in pain firing a couple more rounds at the creature which was  unaffected by his  weapon. Shadow knocked the creature over, her features changing , growing claws, and white spotted fur much like a Siberian tiger.  She kept her human qualities face, her dark brown eyes, and as much as her legs had come to match a felines, her arms were much like a humans.  The creature retreated afraid of Shadow's transformation.  

“So the undead still have fear then.” Daren said to the creature. 

“They aren't undead for the last time!” Shadow hissed, “ They are creatures of the underworld!”  

“ Just as annoying either way!” Daren commented coolly, reloading his weapon. 

“You're not seriously not going try to shoot it again, are you?” Shadow sneered. Daren gave a smirk in return.  

“Well its about time I revealed something to you Shadow.” Daren smiled.  

The End

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