Chapter Two (The Moon Train)

The moon shone like a blade frozen in blue ice.

We put our arms around each other as we watched glittery sky.

Then We kissed. His Lips felt like Velvet, smooth and warm.

Then suddenly We're Interupted by the train i was on earlier.

The moon train someone whispered in my ear softly.

The lights on the train began to flicker.

We went in the train.

The seats were velvet purple.

So we sat down next to each other and held hands to keep warm.

We were the only passengers onborad so the train was icy cold.

The train toke us through a cave tunnel.

The train began to rust a little bit as it started to speed up.

Bright red dross came flying towards us as we sped toward to light up head.

The cave tunnel was starting to turn into a blur before my eyes.

We hugged each other tightly as we braced ourselves for what would happend next.

The next thing we knew, The Train had stopped and we were still alive.

We walked outside slowly, still holding each other's hands and looked around.

There were trees, moutains with snow on top, flowers, birds, snowberries, sweetberries, chocolate trees, Manga trees and Anime trees everywhere.

It was Paradise. It was a place that anyone could ever dream of.

As for the train, it was still in one pice but had a few scratch marks on it.

We painted it purple and blue with gold swirles to make it look more pretty.

Once we were done, it looked like a whole new train.

We rode the train towards the sun set and off to adverture with the magical Moon train.

The end

The End

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