WPC12 - Entry 2

The train came out of the long tunnel into the snow country.

My hands were turning ice cold. (I have brown eyes, pale skin and blonde hair.)

I could feel my breath on my hands as i tried to warm them.

The train then skidded to a halt.

I went out of the train and on to the platform.

I spotted at once a cute boy with pale whitish skin, strange brown-redish eyes wearing a gold crest, yellow top and yorkie trousers.

My heart skipped a heart as i looked at him.

I bravely walk towards the boy.

As I did, I caught his scent.

He smelled cream, bread and honey.

"Hi" I said to him.

"hey" he replied.

His voice was light and snowy.

when he talked, a wisp of mist came from his mouth.

Once we introduced each other, we headed off to Moonlight park to seen the moon together.

I felt happy to be with him, once I had met him.

The stars and sun when out in the sky shined in agreement.

He was the one but would he last?

The End

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