Would have been

This piece was created from a picture sequence in my writing class. Pretty much there were 3 pictures and each one had to be a paragraph.

Three months ago Beatrice, who was now relaxed, would have been shocked.  Pleasantly lounging in a chair, lost in an enticing ancient novel, she now was passive and peaceful in this colossal mysterious home.  Being damp and extensive, the library, which had before inundated her with fear in what was once eerie silence, was now like an escape overflowing with amity.  While the scent of old books and cigar smoke now was an aroma that increased and inspired revere, how could it have once been such a great distraction that caused a gulf between the intuition of the right side of her brain and the creative passion flowing from her left side?  As if a part of a melodious symphony, the sounds from the crackling fire and creaking of wood floor added to notes of the chandelier swaying from above.  Yes, three months ago Beatrice would have been shocked to glance upward and catch sight of a man gleefully swinging on the chandelier above her.         

            Before the time in which Beatrice resided in this sprawling estate, Beatrice would have been greatly disturbed by this sight.  Glancing occasionally at this man in a state of frenzy, she now returned to her book with a silent, absent minded chuckle of admiration.  While it may jar and affright new comers and passer bys, this young girl knew this excitement was probably just from another discovery or success in one of his many inventions.  Arrogantly, the mad scientist who may appear self-obsessed was just as Bea perceived; a loving eccentric individual. Musing herself with the sound of the 6 foot 8 man hanging free from the 11 foot ceiling yelling “Eureka!”, the young women let her thoughts trail elsewhere from the book.   Beatrice would have been greatly disturbed by this sight when she had just ventured into this place but now she laughed because to her it was just another day in the Alastair Estate. 

            Thinking of the days when she would have let her heart be weary, Bea smiled in her daydream amused that she ever wanted to leave this place.  She finally felt at home.  When her days were as they were now, full of adventure and espy, she felt alive as though she was growing more and more every day.  Beatrice never wished to go back to dull, melancholy days of public school and prison under her Grandmother’s old fashioned way of thought.  Pleasingly, her days were now overflowing with brilliant ideas and enlivened theories.  Before her heart would have been painfully weary on days like these, before Beatrice came to live with Uncle Alastair, that is.             

The End

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