Worst Day Ever!

We all have had a worst day.Whether it was when we fell off our bike or mabye when you got kicked out of your friend's house. This is an exercise where you write a chapter about your worst day ever. But there's one kick. You have to write it as a story chapter. No matter what time of your life it was, we would all like to hear it!

"Mommy! Mommy!" I yelled in my little girl voice. It was summer, and a very nice day outside. "Can we go to the park and feed the duckies?"

"Sure sweetie. Just let me finish getting ready," my mom said, drying her hair with a towel. She finished and turned around bent down to give me a big hug. "Now go watch some t.v. and i'll finish getting ready."

I skipped down the hallway to the family room. I sat down on the leather couch and grabbed for the remote, remembering right away what channel to turn it to.

It had been about fifteen minutes until my mom finally appeared. She went into the kitchen to get some bread and then put it into a plastic bag. I hopped down rom the couch to get my shoes already excited. We were going to feed the ducks!

When we finally arrived at the park, I ran out of the car. I heard my mom tell me to watch for cars. I skipped over to the edge of the lake, scaring some ducks into the water.

"Hello duckies. How are you today? I hope you haven't had lunch today becuase me and Mommy brought some for you!" Occasionally my mom threw some in but mostly she left all of them for me.

"There's only a couple left, Nicole. Why don't you keep the bag and I'm going to sit down over there. Is that ok?" She asked, and I nodded, already grabbing the bag.

I was down to the last piece and I held it out in front of me. "Here you go duckies. Here's the last piece. One of you come and get it. Come on. I won't hurt you." I crouched down to the ground, getting level with the ducks. I got excited when one came up to me, cautiously watching me. I smiled, and he came closer.

The duck was right in fromt of me! I still held the bread piece in my hand, waiting for the bird to get it. He opened his mouth and leaned towards me. But his mouth didn't close around just the bread piece, it grabbed onto my finger!

I screamed and the duck immediantly flew away. My mom came running over to me as I collapsed into sobbs.

"It bit me! It bit me!" I yelled, letting my mother look over my finger. The finger that it had bitten was red. My mom picked me up as I cried on her shoulder.

That was truly the worst day ever.

The End

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