When you’re terrified of life, you worry about a lot of things. You worry that the world is going to hurt you, push you around, cause you pain, suffering, discomfort, or maybe you worry you won’t feel anything at all. You worry that you’ll never be good enough or smart enough or strong enough for anything, and you worry that you won’t die with enough stories to be retold. One day you may not amount to as much as you once hoped, and all of your family members will be ashamed of all your wasted potential. You worry about that too. And your worries worry others until nobody can think about anything other than how worried they are. But maybe there’s nothing to worry about. Life is scary, even when you’re living inside of yourself. And being alone in such a massive and powerful world could overwhelm just about anyone.  But maybe that world has a plan for you, and no matter how much you worry about the world, it’s not worried one bit about you. 

The End

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