Opening Moves

February 14, 2026… 6 months before the start of the Oil War.

“I have been President for almost a month Jack, it’s time for me to take action.  I am not going to let my approval ratings drop like our last President.  He was assassinated after all, and that does not sound like something I want to experience.”

Vice President Jack Milton sighed.  President Ron Hamilton is used to getting his way, and the fact that he was being advised not to fight irritated him greatly.  The American people wanted cheaper gas.  A gallon of gas was $16 now, and there was no way that people could waste gas.  Even a 50% increase in mass transit wasn’t enough to lower the amount of petroleum they were using.

Milton decided maybe they should fight, but not in the way Hamilton wanted to.  Forces were gathering on the borders of Kuwait, and Kuwait had oil.  If they were to bring Kuwait into the union, make it a state, then perhaps the other countries might still attack, but then they would basically be declaring war on America.  America then moves its forces to Kuwait, and uses the oil from there to take more land, more land with oil under it.  It was just a stepping stone in a great plan, but just one mistake would instead make them more enemies than allies.  Many other countries wanted oil, and if America were to start selling it, then they would be just as bad.

Perhaps Great Britain would join them, maybe even some of the UN countries.  If enough allies helped in the fighting, then the oil crisis could be ended within a year.  If no one came to America’s aid, then it would be a much longer, much more costly war.  None of the options sounded very good, but there were no more choices.  The only two things that remained were; fight, or just give up.  And America would fight to the last man before it surrendered.  Milton explained all of this to the President, who finally saw the light.

“Send Kuwait this data, and invite them to join the union.  Send 20,000 troops as a sign of good faith.  If nothing else, we can take over by force.”

America is going to war…

The End

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