And so it begins

June 7, 2023 0300 hours… 24 months before the start of the Oil War

A knock at the door woke up the President of the United States of America.

“Sorry to wake you, Mr. President, but I have urgent news that needs your immediate attention.”

The President rubbed his eyes and told his aide he would be out in ten minutes.

The President looked over and saw the time, wondering; what could be important enough to wake me up at 3:00 in the morning?  Well, it must be something to do with the situation in the Middle East.  The oil producing countries were charging higher and higher prices for petroleum products.  Oil was at $200 per barrel a month ago, and had risen steadily to $250 per barrel.

Eight minutes later, the President was walking into the Oval Office to be briefed.  The fact that all of his top generals were present was a very bad sign.

“Mr. President, we have a serious problem.  The supply of oil from the Middle East has been completely shut off.  They are no longer selling oil to Western countries.  Oil has tripled in price over night, and there is no way that we can meet our own demands on our own.  We have to do something.”

The Secretary of State was very upset by this.

“Oh, and what do you propose that we do?  Start a war?  And how are we going to get our soldiers to battle, hmm?  And what about our vehicles, they won’t run without fuel.  There is no way that we are going to do anything without oil.”

“Yes, why do you think it is that we need to do something?  America will completely stop working without oil.  If we do nothing, then we may as well lie down and shoot ourselves.  There are untapped reserves all over the world, and we need to take control of them.  Then, we will have enough fuel to take the oil fields.”

The President interrupted their bickering.

“Gentlemen, what are our options?  Have none of you considered negotiation?  There is no reason to start a war right now.  We just finished one after all.”

“We have considered negotiation, but it has never helped in the past.  The time to talk is passed sir; the time to act is now, while we still have the resources to do it.”

“Still, before we just go and make ourselves the bad guys, I want to talk to the ambassadors from those countries.”

“Right away, Mr. President.”

Half an hour later, the ambassadors were all walking into the oval office.  They were not at all happy, since it was only about 4:00 AM.  The President was brief in his negotiations.

“You will resume the shipping of oil to the United States, or we will place so many trade embargos on your exports, you won’t even be able support yourselves.”

“You make empty threats, Mr. President.  There is no way you will be able to enforce your embargos.  There are things that only we produce, and people will buy them anyway.  We do not fear your navy blockading us, because ships with no fuel can’t stop trade vessels.”

“We may no be able to enforce our embargos, but we will stop all food shipments.  Then, you will see the errors in your little scheme.  There are other sources from which we can get oil, and we intend to.  Now, go to your embassies and pack, because we are cutting diplomatic relations with every country that refuses our terms.  Goodbye.”

The secret service agents ushered the ambassadors out of the office.  The President thought about what he had just done.  If no countries complied, then America had maybe 50 years of reserves remaining.  That may be even less, depending on how much oil the civilians wanted.

“We need to research alternative fuel sources; hydrogen, solar, anything that we can to alleviate our oil use.  Get on it immediately.”

The End

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