World War III: The Oil War

Can the rich rulers of middle eastern countries defy the President of the United States? In 2025, high prices drive America to invade the middle east, in search of the life blood of the modern world; oil.

“Watch that enemy squad!  They are moving to the left flank!”

The warning came too late.  The enemy squad opened fire on Captain Paul Rodriguez’s men.  Two were killed immediately, and another was wounded.  The armor piercing rounds fired from nearly point blank range tore through the soldiers very quickly.

“Get to cover!  Suppress those enemy targets!  Travers, call for air cover!  Come on now, work faster!”

“Two down!  I’m empty, reloading,” said one soldier.

Corporal Travers said, “Captain, air support is sixty seconds away.”


Thud.  The captain looked down and knew no more.

The End

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