Chapter 3Mature

I am led through a corridor of offices until I am brought to a large office that has a sign on the door declaring the name of the occupant.

"Derek Manningham." I say to no one in particular. Could he be the one I am working under? Is he the murderer?

The assistant opens the door, interrupting a younger looking man and an older looking officer in a desk. The young man was looking over crime data.

"Derek, there is another here for you."

The old man, who I assume is Derek, turns to look at me. As does the young man.

"My name's Rowan Kerr." I say as I hold out my hand.

Derek ignores my handshake but the young man doesn't. "Rowan Kerr who solved the Dylan Yatzee case? You know the probability of solving a case without DNA is quite small. Oh and you know 99.9% of human DNA is all the same but is only just different enough to distinguish one individual from another except monozygotic twins."

My eyes cross, "Oh, well what's your name?"

"Luis Rogers of the Archives."

"Ah." This man is strange, perhaps he is the murderer?

Derek interrupts, "Now is not the time, let us go on with our proper topic. The crime."

"Yes, lets."

The End

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