Chapter TwoMature

"Excuse me!" I got out as I slipped through between two people. "Excuse me!"

Finally I reached the stairs and relaxed as I headed up the steps. I brushed the hair out of my eyes only for it to flop back into my eyes once again. I sighed knowing I wasn't going to make a good impression. My hair was short and messy flopping down into my eyes and my shirt wasn't tucked into my trousers.

It felt to tight and uncomfortable so I left it to hang out. Reaching the third floor I stopped by the door my hand resting on the door ready to push it open. I'd never been invited from my little den among the achieves. They never really brought me out unless it was important. Taking a deep breath I pushed open the door and walked in. People glanced at me but then glanced away.

There was one detective though who stood up and walked over. "Can I help you?" he asked with a tilt of his head.

"Yes" I said but my voice came out uneven. I coughed hard feeling embarrassed. "I'm looking for..." I checked my notebook. "..I'm looking for a Detective Manningham"

"This way" the detective sighed leading me to an office. He knocked on the door. "Oi, Derek, its one of your new little helpers" Detective Manningham glared at the other detective before waving him off. "Good luck" the detective said as he left. 

I swallowed stepping in. "What's your name then?"

"Luis Rodgers" I said holding out my hand for a shake. He stood up and took my hand in a firm grip. "I was told to report up here. Although I'm not sure what for.."

He let go and picked a file out of a large pile handing it over to me. "This" he said sitting down and watching me as I flicked through it. "You're not the only one the boss has brought in to help me on this. It needs the best apparently"

"Oh" I coughed embarrassed. "Well, I wouldn't call myself that..." I saw Detective Manningham watching me with a raised eyebrow so I focused back on the file flicking to it. "It looks to me like a ritual"

"I already came to that conclusion" he said. "But there is no evidence of who has committed the crime"

"Ritual's are a set of actions which are acted on purposefully for their symbolic value. We're probably not looking at-"

"Derek, there is another here for you"

We're probably not looking at this being just the act of one person, I finished in my head feeling my stomach churn a little as someone else walked in.

The End

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