Working out the rust, practice 2: Mecha in space.Mature

Kamiya Imatsu, a second year in high-school flies his first sortie against an unknown spherical object approaching an Earthen colony.

In the middle of space, a large black sphere half a mile across passes slowly through the empty vacuum, sparks of electricity arcing off its perfectly uniform blackness miles into the inky void. Off to it's side, it was flanked by seven strange humanoid vehicles, each carrying an assortment of odd weaponry foreign to even the most advanced earthen military.

"Hey Kamiya, this your first time out?" static over the radio flashes through his ears as Kamiya Imatsu, a second year running his first sortie, blinked a bead of sweat from his left eye, swearing, he adjusted his harness before leaning forward, gritting his teeth against the sudden increase in force.

"Yeah...I suppose" he said nervously. He was young, having just turned seventeen three weeks before. Static erupted again as the man speaking to him opened up another COMM.

"Don't go gettin' nervous on us now, one mistake and this motherfucker will roast you alive."

The motherfucker he was referring to was the massive sphere they had been following for the past few hours. It was the Derelict, a strange alien species that had been encountered and released during Earth's first manned flight to Mars.

"I Know I know, get off my dick!" He said, blushing a bit as he adjusted his Runner's Photon module. "My mark,!"

The calmness of space erupted into a soundless firestorm as all seven runners opened fire on the gigantic black sphere, tracing beelines of white hot fire across it's perfect glass surface.

"Direct hit, salvo, mar- Shit!" As the sphere sensed this assault it shuddered and opened, a massive eye staring out, gathering solar radiation as it prepared it's rebuttal. "Shit! Squadron break off and regro-" dead white noise cut him off as his runner was incinerated by a crimson blade of gravity, metal blistering before being replaced by steam.

"Fuck! It got Zeb!" chaos erupted as several flashing lights blinded Kamiya with crimson fire, smashing the switch on his accelerator he shot out in-front of it, cart wheeling to avoid the incoming counter attack. "Boy are you stupid? Get the fuck out of there!" he ignored the voices and screamed through gritted teeth as he gunned his runner's accelerator, aiming his mecha right into the center of the massive blinking stare of the monolith. His pale cutter slashed clear through its retina, sparks jettisoning out into space, followed by a strange inky miasma, imploding instantly.

Kamiya Imatsu, a second year on his first sortie, was the first human to have ever killed a Derelict and lived.

The End

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