March 30th, 2013Mature

One moment I know everything and I believe in my convictions;
The next I am lost once again within my faith and myself.
Decisions I make and unmake and I reconcile my heart
To a plan before casting it off and moving on to another.

You are my indecision, the source of my confusion.
You take my convictions and hold them up high to be shot
By the bullets of another's choices and their opinions,
Passed off as the right way to live and I know you know

that would happen and that's why you held them so high.
A flag means nothing on the ground, you told me.
A faith means nothing behind a shield of real life,
And what use are convictions inside our own heads?

You said I'll never take chances if I try and be sure.
I'll never live life with one eye on the nearest fire exit.
Unmake decisions, abandon plans, keep changing and when
I am good and lost, you will be here to mend the flag.

The End

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