March 30th, 2013Mature

You reduce me to a stereotype
of fluffy words and cute gestures
and I am lost for a way to say
'I love you' with any degree
of originality, sincerity, poetry.

My words are other people's,
their thoughts intruding on mine.
Are we like them in every way?
Is there nothing I can say
that is my own, your own, our own?

I do not want to parrot phrases
but I have no other words
to say what I really mean
to show how I really feel
about you, yourself and your friendship.

Please don't assume it's nothing.
Please don't take it casually.
Others may use it with ease, I know.
But I hesitate--I mean it.
Please hear, please see, please know.

I know we are different today,
Unique in our own sweet way,
And our words are caught now
In language and culture and thought
but 'I love you' should still be enough.

The End

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