March 12th, 2013 - To Be HumanMature

She apologises for crying into my shoulder.
For being overwhelmed by everything
and nothing; for not being able to cope.
She is sorry for her humanity and youth
and for the struggles she is enduring.
I hold her as I have wished to be held:
tightly, without judgement or words,
a contact to let her know I am there.
I am not her and her pain is her own,
but I will listen and let her cry to me.
There is no shame in her distress.
She is not wrong to let tears fall.
If her pain is different to my own,
neither is negated or diminished
by the contrasts between them.
I tell her not to apologise again
for times like these and days like this.
She has no reason to hide her pains.
They are the struggles of youth
and the knife edge of 'child' and 'adult'.
The struggles of being human.

The End

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