March 12th, 2013 - MovingMature

A young man's ideas of life
and never settling down -- 
keep moving, keep moving,
don't ever stop, don't settle down,
just remain dissatisfied
with all that you've got,
don't settle for less
than you want.

Idealistic and foolish
and no grasp of life,
no image of the future
and what it will bring
and the exhaustion and pain
of trying, always trying,
to be more than we are.

Why not stop?
Is the trying still necessary;
do we have to be more?
Are we not yet enough
as we are, as we were?

Perhaps an endpoint
is needed, a line in sand
to say stop here you're done,
you made it at last.
You don't need to try,
or to ache to be more.

We draw our own lines
just out of reach.
We exhaust ourselves
looking for more. 

The End

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