February 24th, 2013 - RemembranceMature

Do this in remembrance of me.
Remembrance -- that is the word.
If you forget me I do just think
that I will forget myself.
For you see, I define myself by you.
You shape my thoughts and myself.
Without you I am two-dimensional,
lost, a cardboard cut out
blowing over in the world's breeze.
When you sleep -- no, in waking,
when thoughts are half-formed
and the world is still half a dream -- 
remember me, that I might not forget
who I am and how far I have
already come to reach this point.
Define me in your mind
as I define you inexpertly in mine
trying to see what you mean
and more, what means something
to you. Do I?
Whatever I mean to you
(I beg you not to speak if the answer
is not one I will like),
do this one thing:
remember me.
Do this in remembrance of me.
Do not forget. 

The End

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