February 21st, 2013 - DistanceMature

It is a strange thing, this love.
I pine for you -- but you are never there.
I watch the clock yet you are still
many miles away from me
and yet more 'here' than the others
who move downstairs, waiting.
Your words are a lifeline to sanity
but nothing guides me to their timing.
I wait and hope while you sleep
until tiredness claims me.
I know you will wake before me.
I can only pray you do not leave
but wait until I rouse myself
to finish last night's conversation.
I trap myself on film so you can see
what another could know now.
One day, perhaps, you will watch
my emotions in real time
and we will wake as one, unified
and our conversations will finish
before we sleep, our times the same.
I will whisper words you hear
and wait for your reply.
Seconds close the gap between us,
not hours and miles of roads
and complications and high costs.
Gods, I miss you.

The End

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