February 6th, 2013 - EducationMature

I am not here to be told to leave.

To walk like this like that
to do this but not that because YOU
think you know what is better
because someone put you in charge.

I am not here to be spoonfed
or to be given information by you.

I am not here to be told
how I should think and feel.

I am here to learn what to do.
I am here to figure myself out.
I am here to jump through hoops
to pass exams and then to leave
and never, ever come back.

I am not here out of choice.

Trust me, it was hard enough
even to get out of bed this morning
and face people and noise and --
you don't get it, do you?
You don't see that this place
is slowly strangling my creativity.

It is a torment that you won't know.
You're not me. You're not in my head.

And if you knew how hard I worked
to even make it here today,
perhaps you'd think twice
before you treated me like dirt, a child
and made me feel worse
than I already was.

This is hard enough without you.

The End

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