February 6th, 2013 - There Was I Reason I Didn't Tell You The TruthMature

The other side of the fence, you said.
Clear on what you believed, not changing.
Guess you can't have seen this coming.
Is the fence made of barbed wire
or can you climb over to support me?
I am sitting firmly on the other side.
The gate is a one-way system, alas -- 
for my kind, at least, which is most
of the sorry creatures who are here.
Our supporters can come and go
but most stay until your kind come
and force them out of the area.
I'm fairly stuck here on my own
and you look at me from your side,
judging me and resenting us all.
Yes, I'm not like you; I know.
But I will be on my side of the fence
until the day that I die.
If it is not made of barbed wire,
climb over the fence and join me.
Hold a flag and wave it high for me.
Our side is not just rainbows,
like I once said that it was. A joke.
Many on this side of the fence are hurting,
hated and abandoned and in pain
and we will rise in anger to win
the rights we ought to have always had.
So my question is this, dear sir:
will you take the gate or climb over?
Or will you leave us here alone?

The End

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