February 5th, 2013 - A Love Song ForgottenMature

This is a song rather than a poem. Italics indicate where the tune, and therefore rhythm, have changed. While it's not about a specific person per se, it is based on my own experiences of having feelings for people -- particularly when they are unrequited.


Is this the story that we're meant to tell?
Darling, I can't believe that it's so--
Not the pain and the death and the personal hell.
There is so much more for us to show.

I met you in summer, I knew you in snow,
And though miles are between us, I think I still know
How I feel these days about you.
How much more I am willing to do.

We wrote of the future, we wrote of the past
Of childhood and playing and things that don't last
And to me you're more than a story.
More than our human eyes can now see.

Well, I'm sorry for changing it all.
You know that I meant it for the best
When I told you that I would always take the fall;
One of three tasks in my quest.

I guess I'm not the hero, my princess
There's no kiss that'll get us out of this mess

There's no kingdom that goes with your hand;
No castle and courtiers grand. 

But I'm yours if you want me and yours if you don't
And I'll wait for forever though I know that you won't.
Because by now it ought to be clear
I just want you to wait one more year.


The End

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