February 5th, 2013 - Internet FriendsMature

We weave ropes made of words in between us,
Binding our fates up in cobwebs of stories.
We write everyday greetings with paper and ink,
Yet can speak a whole novel with more ease.

Our friendship takes place over distance
But my heart seems still bound up with yours.
It is a tight rope of words we have woven
That binds country to country, indoors.

I am linked to your tears and excitement
Through words on a screen, through a phone.
And some say I cannot truly know you,
But you're the only friend I've really known.

You have comforted me in my grieving
I commiserated with your failed exam,
And though neither admits it to others,
Other friendships are naught but a sham.

Yes, we have never hugged truly.
Yes, we still live miles apart.
But in nature a friendship is closest
When the other will never depart. 

The End

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