February 5th, 2013 - ResentmentMature

I am thinking about you today.
I'm aware that I shouldn't be, that they wouldn't like it.
They've made that fairly clear with what they say.
I wonder if they would hate me too
If they knew what I was and how I think.
I'm sorry. I never thought to check...
I mean, I knew you wouldn't mind, but...
I've messed it up this time, haven't I?
We laugh still, over characters
And writing and idiosyncrasies of description
That don't quite work out
But I am still thinking of you
In a room of people who are not like me.
Who suspect. Do they suspect?
Am I to be found before I dare
To explain who and what I am?
Don't let them tell the others.
There is one who knows how I feel.
She knows of you. I told her and she said
that I should tell you, like you did.
Everyone did. "Tell them, it'll be fine."
I shouldn't have, of course, you know.
Hope is not yet dead for me.
Remember when he waited a year or more
To hear me say no? And I resented it?
Do not resent me, my dear.

The End

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