January 29th, 2013 - MineMature

A few poems out of order here. Never mind.

I am not yours.
I am many things but they are mine.
I study for my mind.
I play music for my soul.
I dance for my body.
I shoot for my anger. 
I write for my pain and my joy and my heartbreak
and everything that I am.

And I give that to you.

That does not make me yours.
It makes me mine, more than ever.
Do not hold me when I would not be held.
Do not speak when I would not hear.
If I do not wish to answer, do not ask.

I am not yours. I am mine.
I choose.
The choice I have made is to walk alone for now.
Do not try to follow me. It is my road
and mine alone.

The End

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