January 30th, 2013 - Why a poem?Mature

Why a poem
when it is in prose that usually
I seek solace and perhaps,
answers to my questions?

Why a poem
when their secrets are so often lost
and I am blind to their truth
though from prose
I take everything
and I rip it and twist it
until -- though none see --
it means what I want it to mean?

Is it a poem
because my thoughts are
and broken and perhaps
do not follow the rules that prose
uses to constrict what I write?

A very personal inquiry,
I would say.
You ask to know the meaning
of my thoughts,
to see inside my head and fathom
the feelings I cannot understand,
to take from me all that I keep
as mine.

I will answer your question.
There is only one answer I can give,
and it is this:
my dear, I simply felt
like writing a poem today. 

The End

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