December 13th, 2012 - Sugar LumpsMature

throwing sugar lumps from balconies
watching people bat
at their hats
as though that could remove
the sweetness that has lodged there
and watch them look up
and see us giggle into our tea
and scowl and shake their fists
and wonder why
no one has yet
thrown us out

it's because they know that the beren
to my lúthien planned this all
for when he was fixed
after being broken
the whole time
we knew each other
so we celebrate
with childhood
several years too late
and threw sugar lumps
at passers-by
and scarpered
they threw us out without our tea

and then we drank another cup
and moved to another table
and threw another bowl
of sugar lumps

until we ran out of balconies
and cafes and sugar and tea
and we went home
giggling like children

The End

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