December 10th, 2012 - DarknessMature

I am frightened of the darkness I never used to fear.
This is not a request for reassurance - 
Even less for commiseration or sympathy.
I am well aware that all feel the same way.
We fear the unknown, and death is the greatest
Of all unknowns we are yet aware of.

I am simply stating a fact, and that is this:
The darkness terrifies me. 

I am scared that it exists, and that will be it.
I am scared that all will end and fade away
And it will truly have been chance
That any of us ever existed at all.
I am terrified of ceasing to exist in any way,
My very thoughts vanishing.

Parents lie about death to their children
As though it is a dirty secret.

For something so inevitable, we as humans
Do not like to talk about it very much.
For something so common it is feared
Almost like a god. Yet I wonder - 
Is death our god, or is God our death?
Can the two be connected?

I fear the darkness more than anything.
I fear the end. I fear the moment of passing.
I fear not knowing anything ever again.

The End

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